Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a little thing

I like her dust-spider-legs that clump together
when she cries
fringe that I want touching my nose
or my cheek
when she blinks

our hearts, when they touch,
rub together with a soft

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the E train feels like a strange place to be

two moments on the subway today:

I could see his penis through dowdy polyester khakis, lying like a benign, sleeping cucumber along his thigh. it bothered me, but I had a hard time looking away.

two people on opposite ends of a long bench seat seemed close to tears, at the same time. a girl was not wearing pants in that fashionable way, just leggings, with her thin calves disappearing into tall boots. her eyes glittered and her lips were red and pouty like they get after a good sob. on the other end of the bench a man held his face in a grimace like when you chew back tears, until a child lept into his lap and broke the spell.

Friday, March 6, 2009

furniture adventure

an exciting piece of news in my life lately is that I now am the proud owner of a new (used) bed. with a frame. this is kind of mundane in the broad sense of things, I suppose, but the journey it took to get it safely in my room is worth noting. not unlike the fried chicken pursuit of 2 years ago, that marked the true downfall of my vegetarianism - probably also the downfall, or at least quashing, of other things as well. but back to the bed. 7 hours, one 10-foot moving van, 5 boroughs, 40 dollars in tolls, several bruises, and two states later, and I have a bed. the van only had two seats, so the artist formerly/currently known as dino sat in one (her legs are basically longer than, well, me) and noggin sat in the other. crouched on the floor, leaning against the edge of the seat, and able to see nothing but the street lights shoot by reminded me of high school - it seems that we always ended up crammed in, clown car style.

spoke to bagel, because these days we only call each other a) during a crisis and b) when we need directions. in this case, it was both. I do miss her. are you reading this, bagel? please do come visit me.

I had a lot of energy for this post, but suddenly it's gone. perhaps I'll revisit later.