Saturday, July 17, 2010

brought to you by the letters A and P

so this is how my afternoon went after i got home from work: first i laid in bed and didn't do anything but read everything the internet has to say and was surprised to realize that i was in the dark cause it had been gradually getting darker but i hadn't noticed. then i was grossed out by how lazy that is and got up to Be Productive, i.e. feed myself or clean my room, ideally both, and instead drank some RC cola out of the bottle in my underwear and thought about how tasty a sandwich would be but decided to have a photoshoot with the cat and write a blog post instead.

this summer is not as hot as last summer when i was in new york city but it's still fucking hot, y'all. most of my time is spent at the ice cream shop where i work, swimming, taking cold showers, and finding the exact position of my fan for maximum breeze. it's a good life. i have a lot of time to get in trouble and a lot of time to do nothing. at night i watch arnold palmer the cat purrsue (!) a fruitless relationship with owl cat from Outside, who comes every night to sit on the banister next to my window and they mournfully meow at each other and i feel bad for standing in the way of what could be a beautiful relationship but damn. owl cat is creepy. (owl cat is called owl cat cause he has black spots right below his eyes so at night / in low lighting he looks like his eyes are fucking huge and totally black.)

anyway, the point of this thing is that now i've done something and maybe will go on to do more things! like play lasers with the cat or other things with the cat since i'm obsessed.