Saturday, August 21, 2010


moving to baltimore on monday with charm city and there's a huge part of me that is very excited and ready, but right now i am just sad. my room is sorta almost packed and i'm listening to robyn which is pretty ridiculous and i puked a while ago from either nerves or acid-tummy. who knows. the sky is getting dark and it's making me panic.

i really want to take a shower but the hot water heater went off, again, so i have to wait an hour after i reset it. this has been a plague upon our house all summer, where the hot water heater randomly turns itself off. the first time, we called the super, she sent over her brother, and he did some magic in the basement for us. or so we thought. after it happened 4 or 5 more times, the brother agreed to show us how to do it ourselves (instead of, you know, fixing it) where previously he had refused saying it really was a better idea for him to do it himself. so we follow him into the basement, which is mad creepy by the way, and he says: "this one, on the right, is your house. see how it says #15 on it. follow the power cord, like this," as he moves the flashlight beam, "to the outlet." he proceeds to unplug it, then plug it back in, and the heater starts up again. it was that easy.

my housemate and i said goodbye, twice, and after each time i cried pretty helplessly for a while. i'm even crying now! i'm such a softie. guthrie and i haven't known each other for years but i'm still very sad to leave our house, aka the homestead, and a friendship that i feel did not have nearly enough time. our schedules this summer were so like ships passing in the night that i regret not making more time for just hangin out with them... and even though i know we will see each other soon, it's really more the symbolism than anything else. saying goodbye to people that i've been through so much with, who stuck with me and i with them. it makes me so sad that i can't even wax anything about it. it just is what it is. i usually spend more time on my blog entries, making them interestingly written and less like a stupid captain's log, but i just can't right now y'all.

maybe someday we'll actually do karaoke to 'somethin like that' by tim mcgraw.