Monday, October 20, 2008

nude eel

I tried to write a post for columbus day, but it just never seemed to work. so I gave up. maybe someday.

the artist formerly known as dino visited this weekend. she is my favorite boyfriend. as we leaned against the car before she left she looked down even though she's taller than I am and toyed with the drawstrings on my sweatshirt. I like the grey spot on her eye. I let her pop any zits she finds on my face. last night we saw chris pureka play at the iron horse and I played with the hair on the back of her neck and she played with the fringe of my scarf. when we walked home she whined at me until I buttoned her coat for her, and then she told a pair of drunk strangers that I smell like old spice. old spice and mint. that is what she says I smell like. she smells like warm skin and not like fresh bread but like the feeling of smelling fresh bread. this morning she tried to steal my brown shirt. now I am laying on my bed with benny the dog and I miss her.

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lex. said...

baby.. i love you. i loved this weekend and i can't wait til our kale-cooking-dog-walking-tiny-apartment-in-brooklyn lurve affair.