Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what an odd phase this is

in the hothot waters of my bath, I always bring a glass of ice
I set the cubes on the top of my head
the coldcold water trickles down through my hair
and licks my scalp, and it makes me think of
how it would feel
to crack an egg on my head
and let the yolk run down to sneak into my ears,
while the white
leaves slimy snail tracks on the back of my neck and
tickles the tiny hairs there
like a ghost

but it's just an ice cube, not an egg
which is hidden,
buried and cozy,
redred clots in the water


ash said...

the other day, i dropped an egg and in a hasty attempt to catch it, i squished it between my leg and the kitchen counter, forgetting that it was an egg.


also, nice poem.

d said...

what were you doing with an egg, miz vegan?! also that's hilarious.

lex. said...

you can find more creative uses for ice cubes.