Saturday, February 20, 2010

that grrl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood

here's a collection of thoughts:

- i wish la roux wasn't such a terrible person.
- i'm starting to come around to the word "pussy" (hah get it, "come" around)
- i may be one of those people who likes to make my bed everyday now (thanks charm city)
- i wonder how much time i actually waste in relation to how much time i think i waste
- i pass div iii on my birthday
- i stopped taking birth control 3 weeks ago and it was the best decision i've made in a long time, because now my moods are back to normal and i'm not 90% depressed all the time
- but my period is coming and the pain that will surely accompany it scares me cause i'm back at square one

the end, but here's this:

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[eam] said...

i love pussy. let's be real. it's such a good word.