Sunday, October 18, 2009

scheme and scream and fight real mean

yesterday i went to boston with the intention of stalking sarah schulman. i went to this.

so my division III project is going to be a history of the lesbian avengers (more later), but what i have discovered is that there is very little actually already written about them. which is terrifying. but mostly exciting. it means i get to interview the women i've been reading about for the past few years, and some who i am just learning of.

so in the middle of the screening i attended, i saw sarah schulman get up to leave. after a quick conference with a friend about whether or not it was appropriate to chase her, i ran out of the theater and caught her on the stairs. i tried to write down as much as i could from our conversation but everything was golden and amazing and i am consistently in awe by the whole thing. i wouldn't call the avengers my heroes because i don't really believe in heroes, but they are who i aspire to be.

unapologetic, strong, fierce, brilliant, confident, and brave. someday.

"we're not waiting for the rapture. we are the apocalypse."
lesbian avengers' dyke manifesto


[eam] said...

so excited about yr Div III!

jacob said...

grrrrrl. you're already fierce.

bf1 love.