Wednesday, November 11, 2009

honey and the moon

so i should be writing for the bit that's due to my committee on friday, but instead i think i'll say this:

1. i am really touched that charm city came to visit me tonight bearing gifts (wings) and Xs and Os. he is a special one. the tenderness never really ceases to amaze. he's just right. and so queer he sweats glitter (not kidding).

2. i love div iii. i promise. which is why i'm avoiding it right now? it makes sense, i promise. i have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of note taking and a lot of processing information but i am constantly distracted by reading things related to it that it's hard to write. is this what it feels like to be one with your labor?

3. i have a queue of things to knit for people and i'm pretty excited for all of my prospective projects. i don't know why knitting isn't more popular with all the DIY punk kids i know.

this is getting boring.
dyke OUT.


jacob said...


(that's a heart filled with glitter!)

jd stokely said...

can you knit me a hat for when i get back to cold, bitter new england for jterm?